Edge of Life Catalog in Print

The Edge of Life: Forest Pathology Art exhibition catalog is back from the printers and available for purchase. The 78-page color catalog is a cloth bound hardcover with a dust jacket. The book includes a foreward by Dr. David Lewis, grounding the project in the history of art and science’s collaboration. An introduction by myself and Dr. David Kulhavy details the scope of the project as well as background on art and forestry. The book structure is shaped by the forest continuum illustration with a section each for hardwood, conifer, and urban forests. Each page spread includes the specimen photograph along with scientific writing by Dr. Kulhavy on the left side, and artwork image and artist statement on the right.

The catalog is also available for purchase on Amazon. If you are interested in obtaining copies for sale at local venues please contact Kimberly Verhines at the SFA Press at (936) 468-1078 or sfapress@sfasu.edu.